13 April 2006

Peter Mulvey @ Club Passim, 06 April

Peter Mulvey might have the funniest stage presence of anybody I've seen live, and he definitely has the unbelievable charisma of a movie star; and what's even more remarkable, he backs it up with the strength of his musicianship, which is considerable. His guitarwork is deft and complex, more than enough to fill Passim and stand on its own; the one instrumental number he did felt just as substantial as the vocal ones. Might've been a few too many straight political songs for my taste, but that's just my taste, and their lack of pretentiousness and attention to detail carried them even for me. NPR's story says he started as a subway busker, and I believe it; Passim mentioned in the program that he reads ceaselessly, and I believe that too. A better than common act to see live--he's a stronger, more luminous, more present performer when his audience is right in front of him, and it shows.

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