27 November 2006

Memphis' a little place in the wilderness

I've reviewed Memphis before, but now that I've assimilated the whole CD more thoroughly, I thought I'd revisit. Which is maybe unnecessary, since my opinion hasn't really changed--I still think Memphis is sweet but too consistently dreamy--but, possibly due to familiarity effects, I like it better. It's good music for a melancholy mood, but it's irritating outside of one; they're good songs individually, but as an album it's overkill. Sweet and dreamy like Iron & Wine, but poppier, and without the jump and beauty of the Iron & Wine/Calexico collaboration.

I find spoken word hard to take, but oddly, I like In the Highest Room nearly best--maybe because it's one of the least whispery tracks, and whispering is even worse than spoken word. It's disappointing; I was hoping for better from Torquil-not-Stars.

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Kyle said...

if your looking for the Neko show you missed on Rbally, i have it, go to my blog and contact me.

Queen of Sheba said...

Welll, I'd love to--but your profile's not up for view, so I can't find your blog! There's an email link on the sidebar, I hope you come back, read this, and use that. . .