01 December 2006

Earworm: Rogue Wave - Publish My Love

I remember that my brother, as a small boy, got his head stuck between porch railings; I think my mother used butter to get him out.

This song is stuck like that.

Rogue Wave - Publish My Love from Descended Like Vultures

Rogue Wave has a particularly pressing claim on your money, too: Pat Spurgeon needs a new kidney. Hear it direct from the kidney in an interview with Lemony Snickett/Daniel Handler, and then donate.

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simon said...

how random. i published a similar post approx 1 day earlier. not bragging, just coincidentally amused.



Queen of Sheba said...

So you did. Must be the pull of the picture--Pat's hair is certainly big enough to exert a gravitational force!

MillonDollarWords.com said...
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