06 February 2007

a'tris @ Tommy Doyle's

Local favorite a'tris (now semi-local) had their most recent show at Tommy Doyle's on Friday; I couldn't make it, but now there's the next best thing: the whole live set! Conquer All, Difficult Time, and Orion are the new songs, and the rest are off of Appeal. Mason's habit of peeling the middle to end of phrases into the back of his throat becomes obtrusive in Conquer All, but Difficult Time is classic a'tris, nimble and stylish.

a'tris @ Tommy Doyle
File 01ConquerAll.mp3
File 02GhostintheCloset.mp3
File 03DifficultTime(St.PaultheEvangelist).mp3
File 04CactusBride.mp3
File 05EvadetheUnavoidable.mp3
File 06GreenLand.mp3
File 07Orion.mp3
File 08YouMadeTheDecision.mp3
File 09NoSuchThingasSilence.mp3
File 10Duality.mp3
File 11Compassion.mp3
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