22 June 2006

More Stephin Merritt Is Always A Good Thing

Except for that last CD--the showtunes? I can't be having with that. So I'm glad he's got a song, in his Future Bible Heroes incarnation, on the Neil Gaiman tribute CD coming up. It sounds like deranged circus music--including, apparently, a midget chorus line and cackling that just has to come from diving witches on unbalanced broomsticks. It wouldn't have been out of place in the recent Mirrormask movie, so I s'pose it's got to be an appropriate tribute.

It kinda reminds me of that time I'd forgotten I had winamp open, and my computer started spewing the insane-kiddie-playground-noises from a Mogwai song. My worldview trembled on unsafe ground for just a moment there.

Get it from YSI

Thanks to Bradley's Almanac (who always has all the best stuff) for the pointer.

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