19 June 2006


Tourb.us seems like a pretty cool website for keeping track of who's coming to town when; and once you get your bands set up it can run pretty much automatically. They're missing some odd bands, though--no Stars? no White Whale? Does make me wonder where they're getting their listings from.

Always seems curious to me that I can't tell which social-bookmarking, or habit/taste aggregation, site will actually take hold with me. Del.icio.us? No. Last.fm? Yes. Dunno if this one'll make the cut yet, but it'll be interesting to see if it really turns out to be useful.

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mike said...

We hope you keep using tourb.us, but if not, we'd love to know what could be better.

As for missing bands, we're aggregating show listings and while we're aiming to the be most complete list out there for the areas we cover, we don't have everything we want yet. Also, some bands won't show up until that play a nearby show that we pickup. And if they're one of your favorite bands, we'll let you know where they are playing as soon as we find it.