11 October 2006

Regina Spektor - Ne Me Quitte Pas

Regina Spektor's Fidelity made me a little uncertain; I liked it, but it seemed a bit flat, a little twee. Finding her (sorta) cover of Ne Me Quitte Pas has put me firmly on her side, I think; it has the same pluckedy sound as Fidelity, a little more drive to it. Sometimes her vocals edge on the precious, oddly round style of Joanna Newsom (which in turn sounds like Björk in a cuter moment), and I prefer it when they don't. (This track isn't on Begin to Hope, but from a hard-to-find 2001 CD called "Songs".)

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The Sound of Musique said...

I'm sorry but this is not a cover of the French song.
It's only the same title.

Justin said...

Could you refresh the link to Ne Me Quitte Pas? I would like to listen to this song.

Justin said...

Nevermind, I found it on another site.