07 August 2006

Earworm: Regina Spektor & Amy Millan

Two earworms today, both wonderfully cool female vocalists. First, Regina Spektor; damnably, she came to Boston four months ago, before I'd started listening to her. Hate it when that happens! Her lyrics are a little . . . self-indulgent? just the usual pop romantic disappointment--but the rhythmic structure in this song is created by plucked strings, which makes up for the lyrics a bit.

Regina Spektor - Fidelity from Begin to Hope

Second song is Amy Millan, the luminous voice from Stars, and it's a little more folky, a little less driven than Regina's track but lyrically much nicer--a kind of matter-of-fact wistful that lapses into the overwrought sometimes (not a bad portrait of a breakup, in fact).

Amy Millan - Baby I from Honey from the Tombs

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