03 August 2006

Playlist in Progress: Comfort Food

This is the soundtrack of the kind of day that makes you want to refuse to get out of bed: music that's comforting just because it is so damn good. Heavy on the strings, and the luminous voices, and the contented beats.

1. Iron & Wine/Calexico - Burn That Broken Bed (off of In the Reins)

It's just so good--it sparkles and flows and hisses like cooling, molten metal.

2. Ben Taylor - Digest off of Another Run Around the Sun

One of those lovely songs that admits that life is hard, to the tune of a contented groove.

3. Kristin Hersh - Trouble off of Sunny Border Blue

4. Beth Hart - Leave the Light On off of the CD of the same name

One of the few girl-powery CDs I can stand; the acoustic bit at the end is the loveliest.

5. Kings of Convenience - Love Is no Big Truth off of Riot on an Empty Street

First song by them that caught my ear. A cheerful, snappy disco tune denying that love is a big deal? It might ring a bit hollow, but how can anyone not be comforted?

6. Res - Tsunami from How I Do

Laid-back beat and sweet, sweet vocals.

7. Neulander - Flying off of Smoke + Fire

Still a laid-back beat, but with more movement to it; and sweetly distorted vocals.

8. Mike Doughty - I Hear the Bells off of Haughty Melodic

Upbeat, with Doughty's gravelly voice; and hearing joyful bells is one of those Things. It's good.

9. Spoon - Chicago at Night from Girls Can Tell

10. Rogue Wave - Screw California off of Descended Like Vultures

Somehow very irrelevant and lovely; Zach Rove's voice on showcase.

11. Alexi Murdoch - Breathe from Time without Consequence

12. Ben Gibbard - Carolina from Home vol. V

Maybe just because I'm from a Carolina.

13. The White Stripes - In the Cold, Cold Night off of Elephant

Always did wish Meg would sing more.

14. Ernie - I Don't Want to Live on the Moon from Bert & Ernie's Greatest Hits (yes really)

The ultimate comfort song.

15. Dar Williams - This Is Not . . . from The Honesty Room

Girl's voice is like a flute.

16. James Taylor - Line 'Em Up from Hourglass

This song was my alarm clock when I lived in the Netherlands; I always see sunlight on the walls of my bedroom there when I hear it. So o'course it's gotta be on the list. Plus, it's James Taylor, who might have the most comforting voice ever.

17. Some By Sea - The Beginning of the World Often Comes from On Fire

Well, I said it was gonna be heavy on the strings.

18. R.E.M. - Sweetness Follows from Automatic for the People

Michael Stipe goes with James Taylor in the voice category. What is that quality--timbre? Expressiveness? Hard to pinpoint.

19. Aaron Copeland - Simple Gifts from Appalachian Spring

Just for the times when the brass carry the melody.

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T. said...

Res, such an underrated album. What has she been up to?