01 August 2006

Squave Wave Punch rE(P)dux

Sean from SWP had the coolness to email me their EP (and give permission for it to go up). This is good--much better than trying to form an impression of a band from just one track. Given the number of hits that entry's been getting, it seems there's some interest, so here it is, along with some notes. (The Underrated Blog is a big fan o'theirs, and some live pictures of them on a Flickr set--is that a tinsel backdrop?)

Given more material, my impression gets better; I think they're still part of that just-rock group I was thinking about, but upon hearing more they seem more substantial, more interesting. Might be just because I listened to them back to back, but SWP sorta reminds me of the jagged, comfy swing of Pinback minus their distinctive guitar sound, a'course, and plus a little more intensity and edge. It is maybe also noteworthy that there's a song called "Neckface"--which makes me wonder if it has anything to do with the elusive (reclusive?) grafitti artist.

Anyway, I like. I want more. I hope they do a Boston show soon.

Square Wave Punch - shhh . . . Keep Quiet EP, which isn't for sale anywhere that I could find--maybe at shows? Streaming below is (or will be, once Castpost comes back) my favorite track of the moment, "Out In the Field."

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