28 August 2006

Earworm: Stars - Tonight

It's a funny thing; most sweetly sentimental songs aren't very catchy, and most very catchy songs are more cheerful than sweet. This might be a little more practical if rephrased to say that catchy songs are usually more up-tempo--I wish somebody would do some experiments to pin down the perceptual components that make up or equate to catchy. But I sort of shudder to think of the Pavlovian haiku advertising that would come out of such research, so maybe it's better undone.

Stars seems like a good band to explore the catchy sentimental possibilities, since they do both sides so well; and they might've even figured out the formula, since Tonight from Nightsongs has been stuck in my head for three days now, so it must be catchy; I think--on second thought I'm not sure if that's a fair conclusion; can songs that aren't catchy be persistent earworms? but it's definitely not up-tempo or cheerful.

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