02 August 2006

New: For Those Who Know

Is a band from Austin that describes'emselves as "post-punk rock and pure psychedelic shoegaze pop" on their Myspace, but this pretentious, purple review says they're emo. Is that a contradiction? I'm bloody rotten at genres.

That review there actually makes me think about a problem with music journalism (which goes equally for the old-skool print stuff or the blogosphere)--most of the writers either aren't musicians, or are writing with a non-musician audience in mind, and so the technical specifics are sorta off-limits; in trying to be vivid and communicative, writers just end up being abstract, overwrought, and unverifiable. It's a bit like talking about wine, maybe: some people understand the vocabulary and use it with precision, but most people (like me) just Make Shit Up. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but usually lacks restraint as far as accuracy and relevance go. Thinking about this does make you ask: what exactly do I have to say about this music?

So having said that, I now have to keep my comments simple and pragmatic: I think I like 'em, although it's not something I could see myself wanting specifically--more like a way to fill out a playlist without introducing any real outliers. They're free literally with their early works, quite literally: you can download their whole EP here (flash-based website, so it's not a direct link, but click on Audio to the left), even though they're also selling it, although only through MySpace so far.

Most've their show dates are in Texas--which means I won't get to hear 'em live. Shame--but I still like the EP.

For Those Who Know - Competition off of the self-titled debut

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Squashed said...

on balance, my personal experiance, merely presenting a work of music with words is pretty hard. It's like describing "color" with words. (is it orange? is it greenish yellow? is it the color os sunset? or sunkiss?)

I don't even know how people do "review" which I always think demand some sort of contextual comparison. (that means one has to know a lot about music/structure/history, in order to make informed comparison)

anyway, the thing about music studnet blgoger...ya'll are definitely NOT contributing your knowledge. lol...

isn't time you guys start writing seriously?

eg. what do you think of these two playlist? come on...your input counts. It will improve next itteration of posts...