21 August 2006

New Find: Wax Poetic

I've been listened to Wax Poetic's 2004 CD Nublu Sessions for a few years now--I think I got my hands on the track Angels pre-release; but I've only just found their older self-titled CD. I am, how you say, very pleased.

It share some tracks with the later CD; by and large, the ones it doesn't share are more groove and less melody, so it's not quite the same thing. There are lots of short, atmospheric, non-sequitur tracks, which makes it one of those CDs that should definitely be listened to by itself and in order, at least until you've got a handle on it. There are fewer vocals, and the ones that do show up are more atmospheric spoken-word stuff than actually sung.

At the moment, my favorite track is On. It's still very groove, but it saves itself from being featureless by the variety its different tracks show in timbre. There's a very diffuse, electronica-sounding sorta-bass line, a very physically textured midline (it sounds like spoons) and the occasional appearance of a sort of whizzbee noise that makes me think of a diminutive comet.

There's another track I'm inclined to like called "Mother Earth," but it loses points with a too-consciously-rhythmic, suave spoken word part. So it seems it wouldn't do to go into this CD expecting the same kind of thing as Nublu Sessions, but it's still an interesting listen.

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