22 August 2006

Cat Power & Decemberists

Note: Cat Power - Wonderwall isn't as good as it should be; the chord work is oddly plodding. Too bad--the song suits her voice and manner.

I've heard variously that The Crane Wife is going to be more mature than past Decemberists stuff (although I'm not sure what that means, really), or that it's going to be even more self-pitying. Obviously I'm hoping for the former; having listened to four tracks, I wonder if "more mature" doesn't mean . . . abandoning their accustomed nineteenth-century, flouncing rhythms. The Crane Wife certainly seems to do that less, and it might pass for maturity.

The Perfect Crime is oddly disco-sounding for the Decemberists; and Colin repeats the perfect crime so many times it loses its meaning. When the War Came almost gets into prog rock territory, with its spiraling instrumentation. It's not the Decemberists we all know of old, but I like it.

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mike said...

I really like "Sons and Daughters", and while not exactly like their earlier stuff, still has some accordian action and words like dirgible weaved in. The other songs are more of a departure.