09 April 2007

Earworm: Jens Lekman - Rocky Dennis' Farewell Song

Last winter there was about a seventy percent chance that Jens Lekman would be an earworm at some point in the day; but on going back to him now, I find him uneasily precious most of the time. Melodious and soothing and well-constructed, generally, but very precious. This morning, though, I woke up with the twee twinkling opening of Rocky Dennis' Farewell Song echoing in my head. It's from an EP called Rocky Dennis, which apparently led to some confusion about whether the artist was named Rocky Dennis or Jens Lekman, which was resolved by this song. Now all I have to do is find out why Jens has a thing about the main character in Mask.

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Any major dude with half a heart said...

Oh yeah, great song. I'm really enjoying your blog, which I found by chance today.

Lekman is a genius. Have you heard his compatriot Hello Saferide?

I see you use YouSendIt. Have you tried www.zshare.com? It works brilliantly for me, files stay up longer, and it tells you the number of downloads, which is always nice to know.