10 April 2007

Myspace Find: Plushgun's EP

Plushgun, who I've mentioned earlier, has an EP up for listening (though not downloading or buying) on Myspace. I'm inclined to be disappointed; the energetic beat of Just Impolite camouflaged the tremendous sentimentality of the vocals, and new tracks "The Dark in You" and "An Aria" aren't nearly as balanced. I'm going to be the ravenous fan and demand more before I make up my mind; you may notice that it's the same mp3 and the same image between the two entries. That's all there is! For the degree of polish in the music, there's oddly few materials available. I'd really like to see Plushgun get some kind of production deal and have enough of a presence that I can finally make up my mind about them!

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about Plushgun--both about Just Impolite and about how more materials need to be released!

Anonymous said...

yea about if u heard of their new track, Dancing in the minefield, then u'll know this band has potential

Just impolite is the best track, until dancing in the minefield comes along

Anonymous said...

Dancing in a Minefield is like the less flashy but smarter sister song to Just Impolite. Tells a better story.

Plushgun iPod commercial (fan vid):