15 March 2006

Damian J. Kulash of OK Go

This is utterly cracking me up. Just to make sure I never forget . . .

. . . The unofficial charge is "giving the wrong answer when a police officer asks you 'what part of move don't you understand?'" For those of you planning travel in the Orlando area, the correct response is not "I understood what you said; I just didn't do it." Damian didn't know that.

. . . Until then, he'd like to address two rumors that have sprung up on the Internet in the last 24 hours: No, he wasn't drunk; and Yes, he did get the arresting officer to watch the "A Million Ways" video on the on-board computer.

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Lola said...

Whoa...that's crazy! I didn't even know they were playing in Jacksonville until Tuesday night. I was sitting in a coffee house three blocks away from where they were playing and I read about it in our local free newspaper. The show was only $6. I thought about it for several minutes, but I had to get up at 5 the next morning to go to work, and I've been having trouble sleeping. I wish I'd gone..if I'd known that had happened the night before I definitely would've gone, just to hear what he had to say about it!