13 March 2006

Undertow Orchestra (Dave Bazan, Vic Chesnutt, Mark Eitzel, & Will Johnson)

Brilliant concert. David Bazan was the only one I knew beforehand, so he was mebbe unfairly my favorite; hearing the voice of Pedro come out of an actual person was as weird as it always is with singers I've been listening to for years before I see 'em, and he did a couple of songs I didn't know (the one I liked most started out "your purse hit the windshield / when I locked the brakes," and I can't find it anywhere online). Vic Chesnutt was playing the gnome-in-a-wheelchair part and hamming it up a bit, but the interactions onstage seemed more . . . like a real conversation? than those of established bands; maybe because these guys haven't spent a whole lotta time together for years and years. Will Johnson from Austin was okay, but the standout artist I wasn't familiar with beforehand was Mark Eitzel--really strong and pleasant voice he's got. Overally their sound together was goodgood; I was kinda surprised how well Dave Bazan's often wandering instrumentation came off onstage. Really good show.

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