12 May 2006

a'tris @ Knitting Factory

Friend of mine (husband of a lab-mate, actually) is the producer-cum-manager of a Boston-based band called a'Tris; Saturday they've got a show at Knitting Factory in New York, so we're going down to keep Mike company. The last a'tris show I went to (at Harper's Ferry, may they burn in hell) was a badly-managed disaster on the part of the club, so seeing a real non-arsed-up show should be fun. It's particularly fun because James the Frontman has his rock-star act all down (including eye makeup and an ascot), and that contrasts nicely with the stories I've heard about lack of basic life skills such as, say, grocery shopping. They're a good band, though, so below find "Black Bird's Song," my favorite off of their CD "appeal."

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