08 May 2006

Jennifer Kimball @ Club Passim

In an last-minute, broke-down-on-I-90 subsitution, Josh Caress opened instead of Ellery, and he didn't disappoint: a very mellow voice with a good grasp of songwriting and a knack for lyrical turns that stick in your head.

Jennifer Kimball's voice is remarkably lovely. "Is He Or Isn't He," at its heart a fun, gimmicky song, becomes the auditory equivalent of. . . a really good raspberry coulis, maybe, under the influence of her sharp grasp of dynamics and just impossibly pleasing vocal tone. She's done her time in various groups, doing a duo called The Story with Jonatha Brooke and Duke Levine and a bluegrass collaborative called Wandering Spirits, and it shows--she's one of the few performers I've seen extemporize lyrics, and it was fluid and charming. Sometimes she sounds a bit like Mary Chapin Carpenter, who works from a similar musical jazz-folky-country place (which makes sense since I think Duke Levine worked with Chapin as well), but the voice makes her distinctive. She made for a lovely show and a great CD, and I hope she plays live more.

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v ahuja said...

Hi! I didn't know where to add this, so i'm adding this comment to your most recent posting. I am slowly learning about blogs of friends around the country and ran into this one of an old Lovett Alum. Anyway, since this posting is about music, i thought i would send it your way in case you had any musical thoughts, one way or another: http://tannersclassblog.blogspot.com/2006/02/my-mixtape-experiment.html.