06 May 2006

Rant: Guster

Right, this isn't new in the least, but I gotta write about it because it's pissing me off. Guster! What's up with them? I heard their new single "One Man Wrecking Machine" on the radio last night and didn't even recognize them. Guster has, or had, three main distinctive elements. First, the bongos (easy); second, the three-part harmony (how many bands do that?); and third, the majority of songs depicting or narrated by horrible ass-people ("Center of Attention"? "Happier"?). In their new stuff, no bongos and no three-part harmony, but they still got the brassy, assy narrator thing. Who told them that was the best part? Now they sound like every other disposable radio-friendly band, damn them. They must've known what was cool at some point--in memoriam, and to prove my point, "Either Way." RIP Guster!


Violachik said...

I must agree!!! Guster sold out!!!

Queen of Sheba said...

Yeah. I hope it's that they've got rent to pay, and not that they've just . . . changed their mind about what they wanna be.