24 July 2006

And Then There Was Lots

Technorati has a new look today. I like it--it does a much better job of putting most of the things I need on one page.

Old-school media is working hard to interest my generation of music freaks--first NPR gets hip, and now The New York Times reports on Jens Lekman! (Might ask for a free-registation login tomorrow or so; see BugMeNot for a bypass.) I do think Kelefa Sanneh got it right, whoever s/he is: "his witty, self-pitying songs aren’t quite as glum as they might first seem" is a pretty good way to cover Jens' odd manner, appeal, and music. But in case anybody thought the NYT was going to get things right, they blow their cover by claiming that alt-country is dead or dying; apparently nobody told them about Neko Case or Golden Smog--which is funny, because they're also hosting five GS tracks as part of the article.

There's a webcomic called XKCD that I've found recently--since it makes fun of computational linguists and mentions Freezepop and Guitar Hero today, I hereby dub them Awesome. Like Freezepop. (But surely Freezepop isn't really on Guitar Hero?)

Freezepop - Shark Attack (from YSI)

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