20 July 2006

I Want This: Art Brut & We Are Scientists Split

They're splitting a single, says NME. I want it!

"The song we're doing for the split is 'Bang Bang Rock & Roll'," We Are Scientists' Keith Murray told NME.COM. "I'm hesitant to discuss what our approach for it is at this point, since part of what this whole cover split project has turned into for both bands is essentially an opportunity to blow each others' minds when the songs are eventually revealed in their finished forms."
Art Brut seems to be doing a cover of "The Great Escape." Also,
"If Art Brut have done any harm to our precious little tune, I will slice them from nape to 'nads'," joked Murray.
Murray is nuts. Is this a pro or con of the band? I can't tell yet--but I did like the Keith-Murray-accepts-the-Arctic-Monkeys'-award bit, and of course, We Are get big points for covering Sigur Rós.

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