18 July 2006

eMusic is My Lipstick

Totally random note: lipstick on blogs is the new hip thing, apparently (like last summer it was wolves in bands): there's websites with Lipstick in the title popping up all over. There's Lipstick is My Crack, a fashion blog, and The Lipstick of Noise, a music blog, and The Days & Nights of a Lipstick Librarian, which is about what it sounds like it is. Therefore, eMusic is my lipstick. Because I said so.

But really the point of this is that eMusic is rockin' my world more than usual these days, and here's a list of reasons. . .

1. They've finally got the Final Fantasy catalog. All of it!

2. Dave Bazan's new post-Pedro EP.

3. An eMusic-only EP and CD by Sunset Rubdown.

4. A best-of-Riverside jazz recordings by Harvey Pekar, freelance jazz critic and the author of American Splendor.

5. A live Mike Doughty recording, which, since he won't come to Boston, I covet.

So eMusic is definitely my lipstick. Whatever that means.

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