26 July 2006

The Fountain: Clint Mansell, Mogwai & the Kronos Quartet

Um, ok, so Aronofsky's doing another movie (and since I loved Pi almost as much as Moby-Dick I can only be excited about that), but! But! Mogwai, Clint Mansell, and the Kronos Quartet are reportedly doing the soundtrack. This, I can get ecstatic about.

From BrightLight.co.uk:

mogwai spent much of december 2005 and february 2006 in their 'castle of doom' studio in glasgow working on film scores.

discussion on the imdb.com messageboard for darren aronofsky's forthcoming film 'the fountain' suggests that the soundtrack has been composed by clint mansell and performed by kronos quartet and mogwai.

a friend who attended the test screening saw that both groups' names are on the end credits as the performers of the music.

if confirmed, this would tie up a couple of other loose ends - the mention of working with clint mansell by barry in a recent interview, and the mooted collaboration with kronos quartet a couple of years ago.

the film stars hugh jackman and rachel weisz, and is due for release on 13th october, preceeded by the soundtrack on 26th september. a number of test screenings have taken place in the us.

Also, The Fountain's website is unbelievably obnoxious. But I'll forgive for the goodness of Clint Mansell, Mogwai, and the Kronos Quartet.

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