28 July 2006

Square Wave Punch

The problem with keeping up with all of the good music blogs out there is that it produces way too much music to be absorbed, or even tried (is this my theme for the week--too much music?). Some things that the blogosphere adores I never try, like Asobi Seksu's new CD "Citrus," which everyone I read loves, or only try a month later, like Ladyhawk. Always makes me wonder what the actual elements are that get me to listen to something. I still don't know what they are, but The Underrated Blog's bit on Square Wave Punch worked, anyway.

Is it just me, or is there a movement of just-rock bands coalescing? Square Wave Punch reminds me a lot of Ladyhawk in that way (maybe White Whale too, a bit): they're not alt-rock or emo-rock or any other hyphen-rock. It'd make sense as a backlash to over-mannered indie acts that're around now (as cool as some of them may be); they have a pleasant kind of palate-cleansing effect, even though they lack the immediate pique-your-interest or substantial feel of more experimental stuff.

Square Wave Punch - Keep Quiet (from YSI)--which doesn't seem to be on CD anywhere, more's the pity.

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Squashed said...

but in order to have a "movement" the band need to communicate their idea to each other and aware of others work.

Otherwise, I think they are jsut marketing coincidence.

afterall, stylistically speaking, they are not that cutting edge. (clone and mix of well established style)

asobi seksu for eg. is just My Bloody Valentine, shoegazer/dream-pop redo.

ladyhawk...well.. MC86, clash, joy division... the usual suspect.

the main style are all a decade old or so. well established.

Queen of Sheba said...

Good point! Can't be a movement, so it's a . . . confluence?