10 July 2006

Last.fm's Shiny New Beta

Last.fm's new beta site sure is shiny. The scuttlebutt before the mast is that it'll go live tomorrow, but for the moment it's subscribers only. But look what I got--a screenshot! Friend of . . . people breaking the restrictions of . . . well, it's a screenshot, anyway.

Which doesn't, and can't I guess, say much about the changes. I'm not sure yet what the real differences are, besides cool-but-cheating gradients in the color blocking and an increasingly popular dashboard sorta display. Word is you can edit your recent tracks--in case your little brother and sister sneak into your room and start playing Ashlee Simpson and, um, other really bad things. There's also an all-in-one place listing of free tracks, which is good; previously they were damn hard to find. This'll be interesting to explore--Last.fm is part of the unholy pantheon of Emusic, Lala, Tourb.us, and Technorati that help me keep track of new music.

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Squashed said...

I have to say my last fm profile got to be the biggest freebie reservoir ever, except for few track. I use it to prepare BF material and check consistency.

mike said...

Alright, I admit, I could use the feature to clean up your playlist of non-respectable music. And I don't have a younger sister to pin the blame on.