28 July 2006

Lost and Found in the Shuffle

I have a ridiculous amount of music--at least, in human terms; in gigabyte terms, I know people with more, but in human terms we're in the same boat: we have too bloody much music to absorb, and most of us acquire new music at such a rate that the situation is hardly going to change.

So there's music in my library that I don't remember having heard. Large amounts of it, even; which seems just as shameful as having large amounts of books you haven't read in your library. (Come to think of it, I don't know why this should be, either; but everybody I know who does have large amounts of unread books is vaguely embarrassed about it--maybe we think it betrays a gluttonous lack of temperance, or something.)

Irrational embarrassment aside, the plus side of this is that shuffling can produce very nice discoveries that still feel new, no matter how long I've actually had 'em. This is one; it's by a tiny band called Dandelion Wine that apparently, incredibly, doesn't have a web presence--and isn't the one from Melbourne that plays pop with medieval instruments, which does.

I like this song: it's got an addictive, sweet bop to it that avoids being saccharine, and there's a nicely steady trajectory from start to finish. I wish to hear more from Dandelion Wine.

Dandelion Wine - Fosterwallace (from YSI)

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