24 July 2006

Blogathon: Global Fund for Women

Right, so clever titles are so last summer is doing the Blogathon--posting every half-hour to raise money, the charity of choice being The Global Fund for Women. They've got an initiative called "Rights Within Religious & Cultural Traditions" that's very impressive--supporting women in restrictive traditions, educating them so that they can form their own ideas about what their tradition should mean for their lives. Outside of this specific initiative, they work with organizations all over the world focused on helping women be independent and equal participants in civil and cultural life, from literacy to economic independence to legal equality. The Fund is also non-endowed, so they rely on yearly contributions for their grants.

I've got a slot, along with Largehearted Boy, Black Country Grammar, DiMattia Films, My Voice Rising, DIY Rockstar, and Great Body of Water, so there'll be a bloody lot going on over at CTASLS come Saturday. Please be generous for the pleasure of reading!

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