26 September 2006

every speed on our knees is crawling

Last.fm has had Metric on my recommendation charts for-bloody-ever, and I just got around to listening to it in the past week or so--since Emily Haines' solo CD is out today, it seems like a good time to mention both. I like: Jimmy Shaw's guitar lines are compelling--they'd probably steal the show (song?) from a vocalist less powerful than Emily Haines, whose voice reminds me a bit of Amy Millan in its gauzy dreaminess, but it's occasionally harsh or husky, too. Persistent earworms from their 2005 CD Live It Out are Glass Ceiling and "Too Little, Too Late" (streaming below); their tracks have a clear shape and sharpness to them that makes them immediately appealing, but unlike a lot of immediately appealing music, there's substance there too.

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