06 September 2006

Meltdown Reports: Chan Marshall & Nickel Creek

Well, so much for Chan Marshall's vaunted new stability--her show last night was a classic stage meltdown-cum-trainwreck where she obsessed over sound, the sound guy, and unsuccessfully tuning the guitar, broke off songs to go pee. . . damn. I'm sorry it happened, but glad I didn't go. Wonder if her stage issues will get in the way of her recording career? Seems like they'd have to, but she's been around for a few years and not gone away yet--no way of telling where she'd be now if she could reliably handle a live set, I guess.

Nickel Creek has officially melted down to its components; Billboard's running an interview with them in which we learn that song-writing feels less natural than it has for the group, and that Sean will focus on movie-scoring, Sara on collaboration, and Chris on a solo record. Chris' solo CD is called How to Grow a Woman from the Ground--the first time I read about it, it had been mis-written as "How to Grow a Woman from a Gourd." I might like the wrong title better. I liked them very well a few years ago, but lost track of them when I left the country. Too bad, though--even beside Chris' remarkable mandolin virtuosity, Sara's voice was the main draw for me at the time; now I suspect I might find it too sugary and twee. No new material to let me find out, anyway!

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Anonymous said...

I never saw someone try so hard at making themselves appear to be an artist like Chan does. She is so phony its pathetic. Her muSIK isn't even worth the rich kid meltdowns that she throws. It's not like she is on stage improvising Can Syd Barret or Velvet Underground material. She is doing what any two bit folk singer does. Don't even waste your time worrying about her anymore, move on to the future of music!

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