25 September 2006

MySpace Rundown: Hannah Speller, Dave Lewis, Get Set Go, Most Bitter, Lindi Ortega

Another one of the bits on musicians/bands who randomly friend me on Myspace; I wait until they reach critical mass, which seems to take about two weeks. (Wow, this crop has it together; nobody who desperately needs instrumental or vocal training.)

Hannah Speller: Strong voice, dynamic, competent instrumentation, and lyrics that are a litte interesting. Should the lyrics of Never Gonna (I don't need love/ I don't need love/ I do not dream of you) meant to be taken straight, or is it a Methinks the Lady Doth sorta situation? "Hush Hush" is . . . a little blunt, a little too genre-shaped, too easy to pigeonhole; same for "Here Comes the Rain." Togetherness: A-. Creativity: B/B+.

Dave Lewis: Pleasant if wandering instrumentals, less proggy, more jazzy than Mogwai or Mars Volta. The vocals, when they show up, are sort of. . . pointless? shapeless? It's not quite Muzak--but not far away. Togetherness: A-. Creativity: C+.

Get Set Go: Well, they win points for starting off with a bouncy song called "I Hate Everyone." The contrast between the nasty lyrics and the cheerful, enjoyable music reminds me of old-school Guster. Fortunately, they seem to understand that band cannot live on bile alone, so the rest of the songs are varied--although the sweet, happy sound is consistent. Good music to listen to when you're pissed or miserable but not wanting to mope--it's happily bitter bubble gum. Togetherness: A-. Creativity: B+.

Most Bitter: Quite odd. Buzzing, cheap-sound instrumentals and arhythmic almost-spoken-word vocals. Sort of reminds me of Magnetic Fields, without the drive, humor, and beauty. Togetherness: B. Creativity: B+.

Lindi Ortega: Wow, she sounds like a young, less-aggressive Kristin Hersh . . . but the songs aren't very interesting, country-inflected ballads and breakup songs. Not bad, but no real substance. Togetherness: A-. Creativity: C.

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Hannah Speller said...

Never even knew (until now) that my own songs had been reviewed online by someone!
Thanks for the interested comments. Think I agree actually.