06 September 2006

Mutual Appreciation

Mutual Appreciation, starring Justin Rice of Bishop Allen, opens 13 September at the Brattle and 22 September at Coolidge Corner. Since it's about a band trying to make it in New York etc, there's a fair amount of music in it, and it's all Bishop Allen.

Bits and pieces (the trailer, the opening scene, a painful performance of Quarter to Three at a painfully under-attended show) are up on iFilm. I don't know if Justin is a good actor, but he seems to be playing himself, or at least his stage manner. I suspect the movie'll either be quite good, or horribly self-indulgent and pointless. I hope it's good, partially because I intend to go see it and partially because I am morally required to wish the writer of Penitentiary Bound success in all endeavors. (As I don't know if Penitentiary Bound is relevant to the movie, it's Quarter to Three streaming below.)

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