15 September 2006

The Never and their Picturemusic Book, Antartica

Heard about this awhile ago, but haven't managed to write about it until now. The Never, a Chapel Hill band, has done a CD that comes with a picturebook. It's called Antartica, and the image above is one of its pages (click on the image to see it larger). It's the story of a little boy who finds an atom bomb, and the songs fit with the narration sort of like the ubiquitous childhood readalong books.

I like it; concept albums are always a bit precious, but this one works. The music is good, and fits well with the story: Cavity in particular shows the moral imperative of the situation (how do you do right with an atom bomb?) and the uncompromising outlook of childhood in its lyrics: get it right the first time / or you'll be alone.

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Tom B. said...

This band actually stopped at my college on tour, they played an acoustic show and I really enjoyed it. I was a bit dismayed to see very little acoustic on their album though (actually, I don't remember any), but I thought it more fitting that they should play unplugged. Oh well.