07 September 2006

Weirdest Earworm Ever: Cieco, Cieco

All right, so I watched Belleville Rendez-vous again the other day--does that mean I deserve to have this in my head all day? I suspect it starts out in more or less real Italian, but at some point the lyrics feature striking keywords Jimmy Hoffa/cosa nostra sung and then echoed in exemplary, operatic vibrato--so it can't make too much sense.

And now I have found the real thing: the lyrics, in Italian and English! I shouldn't be surprised that they make no sense--the French songs from the movie certainly don't.

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Joe said...

Thanks; I've been looking for this.

Anonymous said...

You can find the lyrics on this link http://www.justsomelyrics.com/1375453/Les-Triplettes-De-Belleville-Barbier-%22Cieco,-Cieco%22-Lyrics
it's better then the other. Yes, you're right: the lyrics SEEM have no sense, 'cause they're a meltin'pot of most popular italian words - so people can understand it's italian - but i'm italian and i can say there is a sense in the sentences separetely but not together! However, it's really funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it lacks a piece: http://www.justsomelyrics.com/1375453/Les-Triplettes-De-Belleville-Barbier-%22Cieco,-Cieco%22-Lyrics

Anonymous said...

So, what is this? Ok, join the 2 parts: this http://www.justsomelyrics.com/1375453/Les-Triplettes-De-Belleville
and this -Barbier-%22Cieco,-Cieco%22-Lyrics