15 September 2006


Gawker's new music blog Idolator is finally up--it seems to be premised on music blogs sucking? It's got a little more variety than most music blogs (it doesn't cover just music but music hardware, too), and it's got the Gawker Media connections going for it so it'll probably come up with its fair share of scoops, but . . . so far at least, it's neither unique or interesting. I think I'm subscribing to Johnny Triangles' aversion to snark: is saying all the music blogs suck just the hipster-ironic excuse for jumping on the bandwagon and starting one? Unless it means you start one that's somehow non-sucky, it doesn't actually help.

Which brings me back to the question I ask periodically: what's the point of a music blog? Still don't have a good answer; most of 'em are sort of a circle-jerk thing.

And, because I'm listening to it, and because Jenny Lewis and Styrofoam don't suck, here's the Styrofoam remix of Nothing Better. I want another Postal Service CD.

Also, on a completely irrelevant note, Wikipedia has a list of the exclamations used by Captain Haddock. This is lovely. But what I really want is a list of the words used in the original French books, and the translated Flemish books. Translating those can't have been easy.

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