16 September 2006

Interviews/Articles: Amy Millan, Sufjan Stevens, Owen Pallet

Some interesting bits out. . .

Amy Millan at Victoria News:

Honey From the Tomb, released earlier this year, takes a darker approach than her work with Broken Social Scene and Stars, delving into heartbreak and the end of life. "I don't necessarily see death as a negative thing. I just got finished doing a photoshoot in a graveyard where I was having a picnic. I think death is a part of all of our lives. And death of relationships, death between people."

Sufjan Stevens at Explorefaith.org:
As an Episcopalian who is a bit embarrassed by the institutionalization and commodification of most church culture, Stevens stands in line with artists like Dorothy Sayers and Flannery O’Conner, who considered excellence at their craft the primary discipline of a Christian. One gets the impression that Stevens doesn’t want to be a mouthpiece or a preacher, but rather that he wants to be someone who lives and looks for God in the doubts, the stories and the musical movements of the Spirit.
Since Sufjan has been very reticent about his faith (and good for him), this is a pretty speculative piece. Wonder what he thinks of it.

Owen Pallet at Gauntlet:
"I had the idea that I was going to make a string quartet album before I made [Final Fantasy's first album] Has a Good Home," Pallett explains. "It was just taking a lot of work, a lot of reading and research. I wanted the string quartet to be the basis of the album, not the superfluous earrings of the album. In order to do that, I had to make sure my writing was idiosyncratic with correct string writing."
The superficial earrings of the album.

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